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What Is a Healing Crisis? 

A healing crisis is when you feel worse before you feel better.   

Occasionally the effects can be felt immediately after you have had your treatment, but it is usually the morning after.

Your body is eliminating waste and the treatment has quickened that whole process, sometimes resulting in unpleasant symptoms.

This is a positive sign, it means that your Lymphatic system is in working order and your body is responding well.  


Once the healing crisis has passed, you should start to feel more balanced.

Having treatments regularly can help to reduce the symptoms that are caused by a healing crisis.



What are the Symptoms of healing crisis? 

Heightened emotions – high or low 

Vivid dreams  

Lethargy and Fatigue 


Feeling thirsty with a dry throat 

Increased urinating and bowel movements 

A change of colour and smell in urine 

Increased flatulence 

Aching muscles 

Runny nose 

Feeling slightly nauseous 

Avoid heat treatments for 24 hours (steam room, sauna etc) 

A breakout in spots 


How to treat and minimise effects of a healing crisis: 

Increase the amount of water that you drink for the next few days, aim for at least 2 litres,

this will help your lymphatic system to flush out the toxins.


- Avoid caffeine for 24 hours, replace with herbal if possible 

- Eat a light meal to allow your body time to digest your food without having to work too hard 

- Avoid alcohol for 24 hours 

- Try to cut down on smoking 

- Keep warm, don’t over exert yourself and take time to relax allowing your body to recover 

- After an Aromatherapy treatment, please avoid the use of sunbeds or direct sunlight if certain oils have been used due to photo toxicity.


I will be happy to advise. 


Alcohol & Holistic treatments

Never drink alcohol before, during or immediately after your treatment.   

The treatment will have stimulated your blood and lymphatic systems, therefore multiplying the effects of the alcohol

causing your body to work harder to remove the toxins.  

These reactions are only temporary and should clear within 24-48 hours, however if your symptoms worsen,

please contact your GP for further advice. 

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